Village Hall Hire Charges
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When hiring the main hall if the function room is also required there is an additional charge of £3.00. If the use of ‘The Bar’ is also required there is an extra charge of £6.00.

Please note if alcohol is to be sold, or included in the cost of food/admission a licence is required. This must be organised by the hirer.

For regular bookings and for parishioners the hall can be hired at a reduced cost. 

For details and hall availability please contact Susan Grant Tel. 01603 881536

Inside Village Hall
Sign for village hall
Enquiries and Bookings

For all enquiries and bookings please contact Susan Grant;

01603 881536

Village Hall Committee

Honingham Village Hall is run by the Village Hall Management Committee.

The current committee members are:


Ray Grant

Secretary & Bellfolk Representative

Sally Blyth

Bookings and Enquiries

Susan Grant


Christine Harrison

Parish Council Representative

Linda Human

Table Tennis Club Representative

Brian Winchester


Julie Turner

The Hall Management Committee is seeking new committee members to help in running the village hall with the aim to provide a facility for all to use. 

If you are interested in joining the committee please contact Ray Grant;

01603 881536