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For information specific to the A47 Dualling, see the dedicated A47 Dualling page.


The Parish Council are notified by the planning authority, Broadland District Council, of any planning applications which are submitted within our parish. We are entitled to submit comments on behalf of the Parish Council, representing the views of the Parish Council.

The planning authority allows the Parish Council, and any other interested member of the public, 21 days to submit a comment on a planning application. If there are any applications to consider within the parish they will be included in the next appropriate meeting agenda for discussion and to agree any comments to be submitted. If a member of the public wishes to discuss a planning application at a meeting they can do so during the public participation section of the meeting.

For larger planning issues affecting the area these may be discussed across numerous Parish Council meetings, and may also include external speakers presenting to the Parish Council. Currently there are three prospective planning issues affecting Honingham;

  • Dualling of the A47 between North Tuddenham and Easton (part of a wider dualling scheme) due to be completed by 2025.

  • Greater Norwich Local Plan - A joint scheme between Norfolk County Council, Norwich City Council, Broadland District Council and South Norfolk Council, consulting on a plan for the Greater Norwich area until 2036 which will consider areas for new housing, infrastructure, services and the economy.

  • Norwich Western Link - A consultation looking at the potential requirement for a connecting road between the new Norwich Northern Distributor Road (NDR) and the A47 west of Norwich.

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