Meetings, Minutes and Agendas

Parish Council meetings take place on the second Wednesday of every month except August and January. All meetings take place at 7pm in Honingham Village Hall. The village hall can be found off The Street, Honingham, NR9 5AP. The entrance is signposted opposite the Honingham Buck pub. 

Agendas will be published on the Friday before a Wednesday meeting on both the website and the village noticeboards. Draft minutes will be published on the website usually within 2 weeks of the meeting and will also be included in the village newsletter, the Parish Pump. The final version of the minutes are published once they have been approved at the next council meeting.

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Types of Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting takes place once a year between 1 March and 1 June and is an opportunity for the Council to summarise the previous year and present any reports, to hear speakers and updates from local organisations. This is usually a less informal meeting and is often combined with the Annual Meeting of the Village Hall Committee.

The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council is held in May every year and the first item of business will always be the election of the Chair for the coming year.

2022 Meetings

January - No meeting

Wed 9th February - Agenda | Bank Reconciliation | Email Options | Co-option Policy | Complaints Policy | Lone Working Policy | GDPR Policy | Privacy Statement | Letter from George Freeman | NWL Update 1 | NWL Update 2 | CPRE Donation Request | Minutes

Wed 9th March - Agenda | Bank Reconciliation | Planning application 20211335 | Planning application 20220165 | Asset Register | Risk Management policy | Standing Orders | NWL Update | OTN Update | Minutes

Mon 11th April (Please note Monday date) - Agenda | Bank Reconciliation | Big Broadland Litter Pick | Application 2022/0509 | Publication Scheme | Information Audit | Recycling Collection Service | Minutes

Wed 11th May - Annual Parish Meeting | Agenda

                              Annual Parish Council Meeting | Agenda | Delegation of Powers | Bank Reconciliation | CIL Report | Application 20220393 | Financial Regulations | Nutrient Neutrality | NWL Site Investigation Surveys |  

Wed 8th June

Wed 13th July

August - No meeting

Wed 14th September

Wed 12th October

Wed 9th November

Wed 14th December

2021 Meetings

January - No meeting

Wed 10th February (virtual meeting) - Agenda | Bank Reconciliation | Greater Norwich Local Plan Consultation | Citizens Advice Letter | Norwich Western Link Update | Community at Heart Lottery | Business GrantsMinutes

Wed 17th March (virtual meeting) - Agenda | Bank Reconciliation | Draft Asset Register | Draft Risk Management Policy | Minutes

Wed 14th April - Meeting cancelled

Tuesday 4th May (virtual meeting) - Annual Parish Meeting & Annual Parish Council Meeting

Please note this meeting is a week earlier than usual.

Annual Parish Meeting - Agenda |Minutes

Annual Parish Council Meeting - Agenda |Delegation to Clerk | Financial Regulations | Bank Reconciliation | A47 DCO | Report Flytipping1 Million Trees | Wind Farm Newsletter | Grants Database | River Maintenance | Minutes

Wed 30th June - Please note this meeting is 3 weeks later than usual. This meeting is expected to take place in person in the village hall.

Agenda | Bank Reconciliation | Internal Auditors Report | Accounts 2020-21 | Certificate of Exemption | Annual Governance Statement | Accounting Statement 2020-21 | Play Area Inspection Report | Planning Application  20210892 | Norwich Western Link Project UpdateNorfolk Strategic Flood Alliance Update | Minutes

Wed 28th July - Agenda | Bank Reconciliation | Planning Application 20211039 | A47 DCO Application | Community at Heart Awards | Minutes

Wed 11th August - Agenda | Bank Reconciliation | Planning Application 20211240 | Planning Application 20211335 | Flood Leaflet | Minutes

Wed 8th September - Agenda | Bank ReconciliationPlanning Application 20211335 | Windfarm Campaign | Transport Strategy Consultation | Minutes

Wed 13th October - Agenda | Bank Reconciliation | Gambling Policy Review | Hackney Carriage Policy Review | Minutes

Wed 10th November - Agenda | Bank Reconciliation | CIL Report | Mid-Year budget review | Draft budget 2022-23 | Proposed Solar Farm | Planning application 2021/2230 | OTNR Newsletter | Flood strategy | Business Awards | Minutes

Wed 8th December - Agenda | Bank Reconciliation | Final Budget 2022-23 | Honingham Thorpe Settlement | Planning application 20212033 | Norfolk County Council Budget Consultation | Tree planting grant | Minutes