Greater Norwich Local Plan (known as the GNLP)

Broadland District Council, South Norfolk Council and Norwich City Council are working together to produce the Greater Norwich Local Plan. This new local plan will cover 2018-2038 and will explain the vision and strategy for growth in the Greater Norwich area. It will include policies which will be used to determine the outcome of future planning applications, considering both housing and economic growth as well as seeking to protect and enhance the environment. For full details please visit the GNLP website.

Specific areas of land will be identified as those suitable for future development, either for housing, employment, community use, leisure or retail.


To achieve the GNLP various stages of consultation will take place. The next stage of consultation is expected in early 2021. 


Norwich and Urban Fringe

Under the Stage 3 Reg 18 consultation Honingham has been grouped together with Easton for development site allocations. Due to this grouping Honingham is being considered as part of the Norwich and Urban Fringe area. For full details on the reasoning and decisions behind the site allocations please refer to the GNLP website.

GNLP2176 - Land north of Dereham Road - Residential development for 12 houses

This site is classed as a preferred site, therefore one which the GNLP intend to include in the approved local plan. There is further scope for additional houses to be added to the site in the future.

Map showing location of site GNLP2176
GNLP0415 (A-G) - Honingham Thorpe - Strategic mixed-use development

These sites are classed as Reasonable Alternatives. That means they will not be included in the approved local plan but may be added during later reviews of the plan as a new settlement. Therefore it is possible to submit comments on all sites (A-G) for this collective site as part of the current consultation.

Map showing locations of sites GNLP0415 A-G

If you are interested in reading the full report detailing the reasons why sites have or have not been put forward for the Stage 3 Regulation 18 consultation please read the Assessment Booklet for Easton and Honingham.