Highways England - A47 North Tuddenham to Easton improvement

Highways England  consulting on their proposals to dual the A47 between North Tuddenham and Easton between Feb-April 2020.

 For all consultation documents please visit the Highways England dedicated webpage

The consultation has been extended to 30th April 2020. Responses can be submitted via the Highways England website.

Key documents to read are the Scheme Plan and the accompanying Junction and Side Road Strategy Report

These documents show the design of the new road including junctions, new side roads and footpaths, drainage ponds and other design features. The Junction and Side Road Strategy provides further explanation relating to the Scheme Plan such as possible changes to speed limits, what will happen to existing roads which will be affected and new routes which will be created.

Please note the Scheme Plan is not the final design. The results of the public consultation will be used by Highways England to inform further amendments to the design. The final design will be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate later in 2020 as part of the application for the Development Consent Order which seeks permission to build the road. Further comments on the design can be made at this time.

The Parish Council are closely monitoring progress of the dualling project and are in regular contact with Highways England. The timeline of the project is as follows:

Date              Event

2020              Statutory consultation (Feb-April 2020) - Now completed

2020              Submission of Development Consent Order. The Parish Council and the public will have further  opportunity to comment on                                   the scheme at this stage (expected Autumn 2020)

March 2022  Start of works

March 2024  Open for traffic

The Parish Council will share as much information as they are able as it becomes available. This will be shared via the website, Council facebook page, village noticeboards, the Parish Pump, Council meetings and minutes.

Previous versions of the A47 plans:

Preferred Route Announcement (August 2017)

Stage 2 Design (September 2017)

Design Fix A (December 2019)

Stage 3 Design (February 2020)

Extract from the latest Scheme Plan (February 2020) - A47 at Honingham only

Extract of draft plan for dualling of the A47 at Honingham