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Highways England - A47 North Tuddenham to Easton improvement
The Parish Council will be discussing their response to the current plans for the dualling of the A47 at their next Council meeting on Wednesday 8th January 2020, 7pm at Honingham Village Hall.
The maps on this page are known as Design Fix A (released 13th Dec 2019). They are the first iteration of the plans and are not the final plans. They provide an indication of the proposed plan. Further iterations of the design will follow which will include details such as sound/visual mitigation and routes for non-motorised users. For further information please visit the Highways England dedicated webpage. Additional information is also available on the Planning Inspectorate website.

































Highways England are currently planning the dualling of a section of the A47 between North Tuddenham and Easton. This will directly impact the parish of Honingham. Following a consultation in 2017 option 2 was chosen as the preferred route. Since then Highways England have been working on the finer details of the planned route including a junction strategy. Following the announcement of route C as the preferred route for the proposed Norwich Western Link this is expected to connect to the new dualled A47 at the Berrys Lane-Wood Lane junction.

A revised plan including details of the junctions was released on 13th December 2019.

Highways England gave a presentation to the Parish Council and residents on Monday 16th December 2019, providing an update on the proposed plans. Questions from residents were taken and answered by representatives of Highways England. Notes of the discussion are available here.

The Parish Council are closely monitoring progress of the dualling project and are in regular contact with Highways England. The timeline of the project is as follows:

Date              Event

2020              Statutory consultation

2020              Submission of Development Consent Order. The Parish Council will have further opportunity to comment on the scheme at this                             stage

March 2022  Start of works

March 2024  Open for traffic

Further details on the project are available on the Highways England website. The Parish Council will share as much information as they are able as it becomes available. This will be shared via the website, Council facebook page, village noticeboards, the Parish Pump, Council meetings and minutes.

The following maps are extracts of maps provided by Highways England and show the detail of the proposed A47 in the Honingham area including the junctions.
Honingham to Easton Section
Berrys Lane - Wood Lane Junction including possible access to proposed Norwich Western Link